Casting Call

Casting Call

Calling all CBI Kids (and kids at heart)!

Share your inner Disney Princess/Prince in this year’s Schpiel: Disney’s Enchanted Purim Story Book

Just put on a crown or your favorite Disney costume and sing this short verse of “Baruch Atah Adonai” Yes, you are right – we have changed Hakuna Matata from Lion King into our own catchy and Jewish philosophy!

It’s easy!

  1. Watch this video of our clergy singing it and then learn it by singing along using the lyrics

It means blessed are you,
Lord, God, King-you we praise.
It’s our mono-thie philosophy
Baruch Atah Adoni!

2. Practice a few times for fun.

3. Put on a crown, a tiara, a full costume of your favorite Disney Prince, Princess or any character you like.

4. Record a video on your smart phone (don’t forget to film horizontally!) and email the file to tracy@bethisrael-pdx,org either directly or via WeTransfer, a free and easy file sharing service. It should be just about 15-17 seconds long.

5. Get it to us by Friday, January 22.

6. Join us for the Schpiel on February 25!