Passover Resources

Passover Resources

Why is this night different than all other nights? What is different and how do I celebrate Passover?

Whether it is your first time celebrating Passover or your 50th, there may be questions abound! You may find yourself asking, “what was that 6th item that goes on the seder plate?” “can I eat a beans and rice?” or even, “how do I keep my 3 year old niece engaged during the Seder?” Maybe this is the year you try a new haggadah or recipe.

Below are resources for your Passover-related questions!

General Passover resourcesWhat are the blessings?What do I need to host a Seder?
What might make this the best Seder ever?What can I eat? What’s the deal with kitnyot?I’m looking for new recipes, what should I cook?
How do I teach my children about Passover?How do I help my 2-3 year old feel involved with the Seder?How do I help my 4-5 year old feel involved with the Seder?
When does Passover end? Is it 7 or 8 days?How can I incorporate social justice into Passover?What events are happening in Portland?

Looking for a downloadable haggadah or insert? We have you covered!

American Jewish World Services HaggadahAmerican Jewish World Services Haggadot insert optionsJewish Boston’s Haggadah
Kveller’s Family Friendly HaggadahMazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger HaggadahOpen Source Haggadah
Religious Action Center Haggadot optionsTablet Magazine’s HaggadahMake Your Own Haggadah

Haggadot to Buy

A Different Night, The Family Participation HaggadahSammy Spider’s First Haggadah (for young families)
Maxwell House, Mrs. Maisel Haggadah (may be sold out)Looking for even more, unique, options?