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Roots | Shorashim | Judur

Roots | Shorashim | Judur
Saturday, November 23, 7:00 PM
Congregation Neveh Shalom (2900 SW Peaceful Lane)

CBI is pleased to co-sponsor an evening with Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger and Shadi Abu Awwad of Shorashim/ Judur/ Roots. Rabbi Schlesinger is an Orthodox rabbi and teacher, and a passionate Zionist settler who has been profoundly transformed by his friendship with Ali Abu Awwad, a leading Palestinian activist teaching his countrymen nonviolent resistance, and reaching out to Jewish Israelis at the heart of the conflict. Shadi Abu Awwad created the Roots youth program and was its first director. Through this program, local Palestinian and Israeli teenagers, who would otherwise never met each other, learn to acknowledge each other’s humanity and become a new type of leader who can work together with the other side – and not against it – to create a better future for their peoples. Please visit www.friendsofroots.net for more information on the inspiring grassroots projects being done by these Israelis and Palestinians who share the conviction that human understanding and trust are the prerequisites for lasting justice, freedom and peace on that tiny sliver of land that they both call home.