Annual Report

Annual Report

Religious School

– 315 students enrolled in grades Pre K through 12; Pre K class grew from 9 to 17
– All 7th graders returned for 8th grade, a significant change from the prior year
– 24 students joined us on at least one of our out of state trips (L’taken and the Southern trip to AL)

Youth Groups

– First year of Mini Mensches (Young Families): 138 kids from 109 families added to our contact
list; 72 kids (and 74% of families) attended at least one event, 54 kids attended multiple events
– Dor Chadash (Grades 6-7): 8 events over the school year, meeting goal of one event per month;
10 families joined us for the first ever family dinner; 48% of pre-teens attended multiple events
– PARTY (Grades 8-12): 10 teens represented PARTY at our regional NFTY retreats; teen board
planned and lead 6 events, up from 4 teen-lead events last year

Approximately 13% of our budget comes from annual fundraising
– $199,000 was raised through Illuminations, our fall fundraiser
– $63,000 was raised through Taste of Temple, setting an all-time high
– $50,000 was rasied through our Every Family Initiative (EFI)
Life and Legacy
– We achieved our goals this year, our 4th year working with OJCF and its partnership with the
Harold Grinspoon Life & Legacy program
– In our four years with the OJCF program we cultivated 38 new Legacy Circle members and had
over 50 individual legacy conversations
– There are currently 140 honored donors counted in our Legacy Circle

Social Action

– Raised over $6,000 during our HHD Funds for Food Drive, providing more than 15,000 meals
– Weekly delivery of free, fresh food to NW Towers residents thanks to partnership with Trader Joes
– Mitzvah Day had a record number of participants at 15 different locations
– Mitzvah House, a Emergency Family Winter Shelter at CBI:
– hosted 59 households/nearly 200 guests
– 259 CBI and Greater Portland Community volunteers contributed

Adult Education

– Held 13 events, with speakers from the CBI and Portland Communities
– Exciting, seminar-focused, slate of programing to come in the next year
– Planned and hosted outings and gatherings for the 30+, 50+, and Families Cohorts
– Held second annual CBI Shares Shabbat

CBI welcomed 47 new membership units, bringing our total to 838 membership units
– Our fastest-growing demoraphic is in “Families with Children” category, which, with 29 units,
makes up 62% of our new membership units.
-The ‘Empty Nesters’ category, with 17 households, is rapidly expaning as well, representing 36%
of new membership units.