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Join Us!

All the links you need to participate in CBI’s Shabbat and Holiday Services, educational, musical, or social programming can be found below in chronological order.   

Miss or want to revisit one of our past programs? We’ve chronologically archived the recordings in the drop-down menu below.

Weekly Shabbat services have been pre-recorded for Rosh Hashanah. Please join us in celebrating! There will be no Torah study this week.

September 14-20

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September 21-27

Renewal and Return: An Evening of Story and Song
Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 829 1408 8213
Please call the office for questions- (503) 222-1069
Watch via Zoom

Voting in Troubled Times Webinar Series: The Shifting Voter Landscape
Thursday, September 24 at 5:00 PM
Please call the office for questions- (503) 222-1069
Watch via Zoom

Videos of past events are listed here

Hamanton Watch Party: 8.12.20

Sexy Scriptures Part 4: 8.12.20

Miriam Chapiro Luboff Havdalah Bat Mitzvah: 8.8.20

High School Town Hall: 8.6.20

Sexy Scriptures Part 3: 8.5.20

Middle School Town Hall: 8.5.20

Upper Elementary Town Hall: 8.4.20

Lower Elementary Town Hall: 8.3.20 

Book Club: 8.02.20

Tisha B’Av, Music and Poetry: 7.29.20

Sexy Scriptures Part 2: 7.22.20

Shabbat Morning Services and B’nei Mitzvah of Fiona and Alex Shipley: 7.18.20

Sexy Scriptures Part 1: 7.15.20

Shabbat Morning Service and B’nei Mitzvah of Leon and Naomi Vishbo: 7.4.20

Havdalah Harmonies: 6.27.20

The Blessing for Wearing a Mask: 6.29.20

A Look at Jewish Folk Medicine (Part 2): 6.22.20

Havdalah Service and Zachary Goldwyn’s Bar Mitzvah: 6.20.20

Kathleen Sadat D’var on Juneteenth: 6.19.20

A Look at Jewish Folk Medicine (Part 1):  6.14.20

Shabbat Morning Service and Bat Mitzvah of Dana Josephson: 6.13.20

Rabbi Joseph’s Sermon during Kabbalat Shabbat: 6.12.20

Romance of the Sephardim 6.10.20

Rabbi Cahana’s Sermon during Kabbalat Shabbat: 6.5.20

Sisterhood Board Installation: 6.5.20

How to be an Anti Racist Havdalah: 6.6.20

Shavuot Story Telling Panel:”You Don’t Look Jewish” : 5.30.20

Shavuot Cooking Class: 5.28.20

Confirmation Ritual: 5.28.20

Annual Meeting: 5.27.20

Mini Mensches Tot Shabbat: 5.16.20

3 Clergy Present: Congregations in Covid: 5.14.20

Lag b’Omer Celebration: 5.11.20

Together Again (A Capella Edition)

Mini Mensches Tot Shabbat: 5.2.2020