Robert Peltz (z”l) High Holidays Funds for Food Drive

Robert Peltz (z”l) High Holidays Funds for Food Drive

As The High Holidays Approach, Please Join Us in Supporting Our Community...

Today, the effects of the pandemic continue to affect millions of Oregonians – and inflation is but the latest in a long string of challenges impacting so many of us. 

Pre-pandemic, the Oregon Food Bank Network of 21 regional food banks and 1,400+ partners operating pantries and meal sites welcomed more than 860,000 people in Oregon and Southwest Washington. In 2020, that number reached an historic high of 1.7 million people. In 2021, thanks to large support systems like expanded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and unemployment insurance, that number dropped to 1.3 million people. With benefits from programs like SNAP returning to pre-pandemic levels and the cost of living continuing to increase, we know food insecurity and the rates of hunger in our area will only go up. 

Too many of us and too many of our neighbors have to make the gut-wrenching choice between food and rent, or electricity, or gas. And often these sacrifices do not help to keep food on the table for long. Families often go to bed hungry, and wake up hungry.

But we can help! 

With our support, Oregon Food Bank is able to move more than a million pounds of food a week all across Oregon. And their buying power can stretch a dollar in ways we are unable to do at our local grocery store. For every dollar we donate, they are able to source, move and provide to our neighbors enough food for three meals. 

For example, just $15.00 can help OFB to provide 45 meals! 

And not only that – Oregon Food Bank is working to end hunger today and for good by advocating for policies that will address hunger’s root causes. 

Together, we can make a positive impact. Join us in supporting this critical work below. 

CBI Speaks: Congregants on the Urgent Problem of Food Insecurity.

A Word from Our Partners: Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation

A Word from Our Partners: Stone Soup PDX

A Word from Our Partners: Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

Building on the Success of Previous Years

The Oregon Food Bank – $5,044          

Lift Urban Portland – $5,000

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) – $4,000 

Sunshine Division – $2,500

 NARA NW, Inc – $2,500 

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center – $2,500

NE Emergency Food Program – $1,500 

Stone Soup – $1,000

Urban Gleaners – $1,000                     


Robert’s widow Leslie Peltz, and his good friend Jim Richman, carried Robert’s legacy forward last year. Under their thoughtful and dedicated leadership the fund had a huge increase in both the number of donors and the amount of money raised.

Number of donors – 191
Total Donations – $35,304


Lift Urban Portland -$5,000
Sunshine Pantry – $3,000
Oregon Food Bank – $6,804
Urban Gleaners – $1,500
Stone Soup – $1,500
Northeast Emergency Food Programs – $1,500
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) – $4,000
Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) – $4,000
Sunshine Division – $4,000
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center – $4,000