CBI Circles

CBI Circles

“Judaism insists on our interconnectedness: our fates are bound up with one another. It is through the quality of our relationships that we make a place for God in this world.”

–Rabbi Sharon Brous

CBI Circles: Connect. Belong. Inspire

Deep, meaningful relationships are core to our Jewish experience. Our new initiative, CBI Circles, will build authentic connections in our synagogue and beyond. By participating, you help create a vibrant space to Connect, Belong and Inspire.

The Vision

Circles are intimate gatherings of 4-15 CBI members. These groups come together in homes, offices, and welcoming spaces to foster deep connections. Led by dedicated group leaders, these circles cater to diverse interests. From shared hobbies and activities, to discussions on vital life topics, we want everyone to find their tribe. 

Join a CBI Circle

  1. Active Circles are listed here, along with contact information for group leaders. 
  2. All you have to do is reach out to be connected! 
  3. We will also promote our upcoming Circle gatherings in our weekly newsletter and events page.
  4. Don’t see a Circle that works for you? Start your own! 

Our Circles

B’nei Mitzvah Parent Chat

CBI Parents of B’nei Mitzvah students connect to support and celebrate one another as their children’s simchas approach.

Culture Nerds

We love art! We love culture! Private tours of local art and culture exhibits. Irregularly scheduled and usually limited to 20 to 30 people.

Newish to Jewish

Jews by Choice and those exploring conversion will meet every 6-8 weeks in cozy, informal settings to share Newish to Jewish experiences. 

Parashat Pinotage

Raise a glass with Parashat de Pinotage as we explore  the world of wine–particularly the many spectacular offerings here in Oregon and Washington. Cheers!

Simcha Yoga

Join us for accessible movement, breathing, and meditation practices guided by yoga instructor Amy Liss. No prior yoga experience is necessary. 

Sky Jews

CBI Circles take flight! Whether you are a pilot, future pilot, or hung up your wings some time ago – or even (gasp) ATC! –  come chat with fellow SKY JEWS.

Single Parent Advisory Suggested (S.P.A.S)

Are you divorced, widowed, or a single parent by choice? Our group shares triumphs and challenges in a supportive enviroment. 

Kvelling Queers

Kvelling Queers:  Community and connection for LGBTQ folks at all stages of life

Havdallah Dozen

Twelve people who gather regularly for Saturday night Havdallah dinner parties.

Start a CBI Circle

  1. To start a new Circle, the prospective group leader (or leaders) should fill out the form below.
  2. This is a simple form to capture your idea at a high level, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the details figured out. 
  3. After your form is submitted, a member of the CBI Circles Connector Steering Committee will connect with you to find time to discuss your idea and help you get it started. As leader(s), you will determine the best cadence, format and location for your group’s gatherings. 
  4. Once your Circle is established, it will be listed on the CBI website and your upcoming gatherings will be promoted in regular CBI communications. 
  5. You’ll have support as your group evolves! Our Circle Connector Steering Committee will be available, as will fellow leaders.
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Please note that CBI Circles are only open to CBI Members. If you are interested in learning more about membership, please connect with Chelsea@bethisrael-pdx.org,
Wherever you are in the planning stages, we are here to help make your vision a reality!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. CBI Circles is an exclusive benefit of membership, designed to enhance the vibrant fabric of our community. As a member in good standing, you are part of a collective that is actively shaping our Jewish journey.

Not necessarily. While some Circles naturally fit smaller groups, others may accommodate more members based on their activities and purpose. Our goal is to form meaningful connections. Circle Leaders, in collaboration with the Circle Connectors Steering Committee, will determine the best size and structure to ensure an environment conducive to forming significant relationships.

Circles are primarily led by congregants and the Circle Connector Steering Committee, who are all board members, act as liaisons with CBI Staff and Clergy. While the Clergy and Staff are not directly leading these groups, they passionately support this initiative and are eager to contribute to its success.

No, they can be anywhere! Gatherings may take place on or off campus, in private homes, or public venues. It’s up to each Circle’s leader and members to decide, and this can evolve over time.

Joining is free for CBI Members, but some activities, such as dining out or attending theatre, may have shared costs among group members.

Yes, your privacy is our priority. All personal information is securely managed within CBI’s infrastructure. What’s shared in Circles stays within the group and our community, ensuring a trusted and confidential environment.

Our Circles are spaces for connection and growth, not for business solicitation or sales. However, Circles with a business or networking focus can naturally involve sharing knowledge and resources to support each other’s professional journeys. We maintain a firm policy against direct solicitation, sales pitches, or multi-level marketing within any Circle. This ensures that all members feel comfortable and valued, focusing on mutual support rather than business transactions.