WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood

WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood

WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood 


At Congregation Beth Israel, WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood’s mission is to bring women together to support and benefit Congregation Beth Israel and the community by providing opportunities for friendship, service, spiritual growth, and learning.

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Rosh Hashanah Sweets – Calling all Bakers!

Sisterhood traditionally provides the delicious homemade baked goods for the sweets table at the Rosh Hashanah Reception following morning services. Although there will be no luncheon this year, we will still have a sweets table! 

Please consider sharing the sweetness of the New Year by baking.  

We will arrange sweets trays on Sunday, September 25, from 10:00 AM to Noon in the Blumauer Auditorium kitchen in the Sherman Education Building. 

Please contact Virginia Gitter if you can bake and/or help plate sweets.  

Challah Making 
Thursday, November 3, 6:00 PM
Goodman Hall

 BYOB (bring your own bowl) as Beth Rincanti, author of Braided, Zooms in to instruct Sisterhood on baking and braiding challah. The group will meet in person, with all ingredients provided. Attendance is limited, so register now! 


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Sisterhood Leadership

Susan Berniker – President
Ellen Zellinger – Vice President & Membership Co-Chair
Shoshanna Lansberg – Immediate Past President & Religious Programming
Michael Richman – Corresponding Secretary
Rita Effros – Recording Secretary
Rachel Segal – Treasurer
Vacant Vacant – Parliamentarian
Rose Marshall – Communications
Ellen Bick – Emerita
Kathleen Doctor – Emerita
Melissa Himmelman – Fundraising Co-chair
Michelle Shari Kruss – Fundraising  Co-chair
Erica Weinstein – Fundraising Co-chair
Bonnie Barg – Gift Shop
Deborah Levine – Membership  Co-chair
Rhonda Daniels – Membership Committee
Karen Stavis – Programming   Co-chair
Nadine Block – Programming Co-chair
Debbie Braymer – Volunteer Coordinator
Virginia Gitter – College Outreach Co-chair
Leslie Berman – College Outreach Co-chair
Judy Stone – Gift Shop Treasurer

Cantor Ida Rae Cahana – Clergy Liaison

Current open positions include Community Seder and Rosh Hashanah Reception Chairs.

Sisterhood in Action

Glimpses from past programs…


Sisterhood Speaks

President’s Welcome | September 2022

This is the month of Elul, the time for thinking about how to start the new year with a clean slate. Many of us are so busy, it’s hard to stop to focus. Elul calls you to do just that. Many of us go from one busy day to another busy day, leaving important things aside. Remember Ziggy, the cartoon character, who, on a yellowed piece of newspaper hanging on my bulletin board, is pictured posting his to-do list. “Things to do today: 1. Finish yesterday’s list.”

For example, I realized that I need to renew my Sisterhood dues today. While I’m at it, I’ll register for the Sisterhood Membership חי Tea (Chai Tea) as that is also high on my list of the important things remaining on my to-do list from yesterday.

Won’t you register, too, and join us in person on Sunday, September 18 to kick off the new year? For registered Sisterhood members, the cost to attend is only $18.00, whereas nonmembers pay $36.00. What are we waiting for? Cue the shofar and let’s do this!

Wishing you a sweet new year.

… Susan Berniker, President

D’var Torah | September 

By Debbie Braymer 

For our first official meeting of the 2022–2024 Board I want to share two readings that express my feelings. They are from Covenant of the Generations—New Prayers, Poems, and Meditations from Women of Reform Judaism .


We are each of us unique, but we do not stand alone.

When joy abounds for one of us, we all celebrate;

When sorrow envelops one of us, we all shed tears.reading. “Thie

This is Sisterhood

We are each of us unique, but we do not stand alone.

When success comes to one of us, we all rejoice;

When failure reaches one of us, we all strive to recover.

This is Sisterhood

We are each of us unique, but we do not stand alone.

When one of us gives birth, we all share the simcha;

When death descends in our midst, we are all diminished.

This is Sisterhood

We are each of us unique, but we do not stand alone.

When one of us chooses to pursue a goal,

we band together in common purpose.

When one of us finds the path too steep,

we push and pull together in common strength.

This is Sisterhood

We bring to each other the warmth of family.

We share in the presence and promise of each other.

We gather strength from the past to develop faith in the future.

This is Sisterhood



We are sisters by choice. We have chosen to be there for each other; and at the end of our days the friendships that we have made will be as important as the relationships that we are born into.

Sisterhood gives us an amazing amount of strength to face the things that come before us that are seemingly not faceable at the time.

Often I think of my ancestors who are linking me to the past, but it is my sisters who are linking me to the future. We get to our future together by joining our hands together in sisterhood.

President’s Welcome and D’var Torah adapted from our monthly newsletter.

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