Whether it is your first time celebrating Passover or your 50th, there may be questions abound! You may find yourself asking, “what was that 6th item that goes on the seder plate?” “can I eat beans and rice?” or even, “how do I keep my 3-year-old niece engaged during the Seder?” Maybe this is the year you try a new haggadah or recipe. Below you will find an abundance of resources for celebrating Passover.

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Answers to Passover-related questions!
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Zoom Backgrounds

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Passover Videos

B’dikat Chametz

Rabbi Cahana offers innovative advice on the ritual of B’dikat Chametz or searching for chametz the evening before Passover.

Four Questions

Passover while socially distancing means that many of us are going to unexpectedly be the youngest person at our table and so need a quick review of the Four Questions. Happily, Rabbi Joseph, Education Director Ben Sandler, and a pair of celebrity guest stars are here to help!

Passover Resources

General Passover resources Passover Customs and Rituals Passover Seder Checklist What goes on the Seder Plate? (video)
Passover Reflection Art Project Ways to include kids in Passover prep Make Your Own Miriam’s Cup 9 Easy Seder Activities for Kids
Celebrating Passover Around the World with Shalom Sesame Learn about Passover Traditions with Shalom Sesame Play Passover Hopscotch
10 Passover recipes from around the world Matzah Spinach Pizza Sephardic Almond Macaroons Chocolate Charoset Truffles

“How to Host a Zoom Seder (Again) Resources

On April 17, Rabbi Joseph led a conversation on How to Host a Zoom Seder (again). Here are the resources she discussed:

Lessons from Charoset During the Year of Pandemic

Make Your Online Seder Lively, Engaging, and Meaningful

The Four Children: 5 Social Justice Inserts for Your Passover Seder

The URJ’s Passover Guide

Passover Jeopardy!

Play Kahoot

Videos to Share


Answers to Passover-related questions! 

Do we do anything special because the Seder falls on Friday night (Shabbat)? What are the blessings?
How do I help my 2 or 3-year-old feel involved with the Seder? How do I help my 4 or 5-year-old feel involved with the Seder?
How do I teach my children about Passover? How can I incorporate social justice into Passover?
What can I eat? What’s the deal with kitnyot? When does Passover end? Is it 7 or 8 days?

Haggadah Central! 

Different Haggadot for download or purchase 
American Jewish World Services Haggadah The Family Participation Haggadah: A Different Night Kveller’s Family Friendly Haggadah Jewish Boston’s Haggadah: The Wandering is Over
Jewish Language Project PowerPoint Haggadah Make Your Own Haggadah Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger Haggadah Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover Haggadah
(for purchase)
Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah
(for young families)
PJ Library’s Haggadah PowerPoint Haggadah by Ellie Flier
Even More Options
18 Doors Additional Passover Resources Religious Action Center Haggadot options 8 Great Haggadot If You Have Young Children Looking for even more, unique, options?
Add one of these inserts into your Seder
American Jewish World Services Haggadot insert options Teaching the Four Children of Passover with Video Activities and More Four Children Racial Justice Haggadah Insert The Four Children: 5 Social Justice Inserts for your Passover Seder
PJ Library Passover Cheat Sheet Multi-Lingual Passover Around the World Supplement From Jewish Language Project

Passover Music