Robert Peltz High Holidays Fund for Food

Robert Peltz High Holidays Fund for Food

As the High Holidays approach, please give generously…

The Oregon Food Bank tells us:

Emergency food boxes go to 270,000 people each month in our state – that’s half of Portland’s population, and 92,000 are children. Millions of meals were also served at shelters and other programs.

The people who suffer the most when food is scarce are families, children and seniors.

Too many families are left to make choices between necessities and often these sacrifices still don’t keep food on the table. Kids are left without enough food to keep them alert or able to learn. They go to bed hungry, and they wake up hungry.

What does your dollar do? The Oregon Food Bank can buy in bulk, so cash gifts go a long way.
For example:

  • $18.00 = 39 individual meals; 13 dinners for a family of three
  • $36.00 = 78 meals; 39 lunches for a retired couple
  • $54.00 = 162 meals; 27 meals for a family of six.
  • $108.00 = 324 meals; 108 meals for a grandparent and two grandchildren
  • $144.00 = 432 meals; 54 meals for two parents, four children and two neighbors.

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