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High School Electives

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    Join your friends each week to do some learning and do PARTY and NFTY style programs! We'll make challah, do art, have competitions and much more! This class is led by your PARTY Board members and will take ideas and thoughts from students.
    Put your Hebrew decoding and knowledge to work by learning modern, conversational Hebrew! This class will cover basic vocabulary and grammar to speak Hebrew like a native speaker. This class will also cover modern Israel and Israeli minorities: Druze, Gentile russians, LGBTQ, Samaritans, Ethiopians, Charedim, Christian community, Bedouin, Palestinians
    In this course, we will explore Judaism through reading and writing in the genres of humor, memoir, fiction, film and the comic book. We will discuss what makes a “Jewish voice,” and take a look at why literature has been so important to the Jewish people throughout history. You will each have the opportunity to discuss your favorite authors and filmmakers. As a class, we will try to help each other understand how art is created, and how we can become stronger artists ourselves. In the second half of this course, you will have the opportunity to workshop your writing. In a safe, supportive atmosphere, you will take turns presenting your work-in-progress to the class. We will discuss what is working in your writing, and what might need further tinkering. During the last month of our course, you will collaborate with one another in order to plan, write, illustrate and publish your own short-story collection. You will each submit work to this anthology and volunteer for specific duties. This final project will be a celebration of your artistic talents as well as the community we have built over the year!
    In this art elective, we will study the works of Jewish artists including Marc Chagall, Ben Shahn, Mark Rothko, Lucien Freud, Annie Leibovitz, Man Ray, Roy Lichtenstein and others whose Jewish identity influenced not only their own individual work but art movements as a whole. As we learn about these artists, we will create pieces using a variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media as we make connections between their work and ours - exploring our Jewish identity. We will also learn about contemporary Israeli street artists and the impact they are having in the world of graffiti art as well as our modern art movement. This class will give students an opportunity to create art individually as well as with the group and connect us to our Jewish heritage while having fun learning about various art approaches!
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