Teacher Response: Hebrew Assessments

Teacher Response: Hebrew Assessments

Thank you for all your good work with our students over this challenging school year! As we close out the year please help us with the transition to the next grade for your students by providing some information on their progress, skills, and attendance. This is an internal document and not a progress report to families. The information you provide will help us give the kids more support moving to the next grade level, and also inform us if we should be encouraging kids to take some summer classes with us.

We are currently exploring offering afternoon Hebrew classes on Tuesday and Thursday early evenings at CBI this summer in June and July. If you are interested in potentially teaching a class or being on our summer substitute list, please let Ben know and he will reach out to you with more information. ben@bethisrael-pdx.org

Please fill out the form below until you have completed the assessment for all students. If there are extra sections to the form that you do not need after you have completed a page for each student, hit “next” until you are able to submit.

Hebrew Assessment

for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade teachers

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  • Based on how many students are in your class, you should fill out the following coinciding student reflection pages on this form. Once you have completed reflections for all of the students in your class, hit next until you're able to click submit.
  • Student knows the sounds of the Hebrew letters:
  • Student knows how to blend letter sounds and vowels:
  • Student is able to read/chant prayers covered in class this year:
  • Any additional comments about this student which would benefit the teacher next year? For example, does the student seem to enjoy learning in Hebrew and actively participate? Any strategies for learning that work particularly well with this student?