Torah Connects

Torah Connects

Torah connects us all, and it is our responsibility to maintain that connection.

This year, as part of our 160th Anniversary Celebration and in honor of our Holocaust Scroll’s 50th year in our care, all of our sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls) will be meticulously restored by an expert sofer (Torah scribe). The restoration of our sifrei Torah is an amazing opportunity to actively connect with Torah, our community’s history, and learn about the Torah restoration process.

Throughout the new year, CBI will be hosting several educational and Torah letter fill-in events with our visiting sofer. We invite all CBI families to connect with Torah through these events, culminating with the experience of holding a quill with the sofer.

At the letter fill-in events there will be arts and education booths, leading to a sit-down with the sofer to scribe a letter in our Torah scroll. After you scribe your letter, there will be an opportunity to connect one-on-one with CBI clergy to chat about your experience.

There is no cost to participate, all you have to do is sign up. If you and your family find the experience particularly meaningful, there will be an opportunity to dedicate a letter, word, verse or Torah portion. You can see a description of our dedication options listed here.

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If there aren’t any open slots that suit your availability, please contact Josh.

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As a volunteer, you can help create this magical experience for other families. We need to volunteers to help with things like  welcoming, ushering, art booths, photography and more!

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