Wimpel and First Grade Consecration – 2021

Wimpel and First Grade Consecration – 2021

Dear First grade families,

Each year our first grade families have the sacred opportunity to make a wimple. What is a wimple you say? Read below for some of the history of this beautiful ritual object and if you have an older child at CBI, there is a good chance you have already experienced this special milestone. 


Wimple making and Consecration celebration dates:

Sunday, September 19, 2021

10:00am – 12:00pm

Parent Wimple Workshop with CBI Clergy and Ben Sandler


Join us for Mishpacha Minyan at 10:00am as we gather to sing and pray to welcome the new year. Directly following Mishpacha Minyan, 1st grade families will gather in Blumauer Auditorium to explore the significance of a name through a Jewish perspective, followed by an art demonstration on how to create your wimple. Simultaneously, children will have the opportunity to meet with clergy to learn the significance of the Sh’ma prayer in preparation to lead at their Consecration Ceremony, while still having time to work together on the wimple art. 


September 20- October 3, 2021


Finish your wimple art at home with your family in preparation for the Consecration Ceremony. Enjoy the process as you create a ritual item that you will use for milestones to come and perhaps even for future generations. It shouldn’t take long. Generally, the student decoration portion is 60 minutes. 


First Grade Consecration and First Day of Religious School

Sunday, October 3, 2021

9:30am Consecration Picture

10:00am Consecration Ceremony

School pick up is at 12:00pm


*Bring your wimples back to CBI for a special display in The Temple!*

CBI Families will celebrate and honor our First Grade students at our Consecration Ceremony in the Temple as part of Mishpacha Minyan, our weekly gathering of song and prayer. 

*Please plan to meet us in the sanctuary, picture ready, by 9:30am so that we can capture a group picture of the Consecration Class of 2021!


Background information on the wimple:


Talmud Torah K’neged Kulam

“The study of Torah is equal to all the mitzvot, because it leads to them all.”