Congregation Beth Israel Social Action Committee | Donation Requests

Congregation Beth Israel Social Action Committee | Donation Requests

Congregation Beth Israel is proud to be a part of the Portland community since our founding in 1858. We are affiliated with the Reform Movement through the Union for Reform Judaism. Our historic domed synagogue completed in 1928 is on our campus in Northwest Portland.

Congregation Beth Israel’s mission: Beneath our dome is a spiritual home, a place of community and friendship, a place to be inspired through prayer, a place for lifelong learning, and a place where every person makes a difference.

Congregation Beth Israel has long been known for Social Action and speaking out on timely issues. From Civil Rights to Marriage Equality, Beth Israel has been active and engaged in letting our values lead our actions. We are committed to supporting community programs through both volunteering and donations in Beth Israel’s neighborhood as well as the greater Portland community. The Social Action Committee receives donations from congregants, friends and family for the Social Action General Fund and the Social Action Food Fund that supports organizations addressing hunger in the community.

The Social Action Allocations Sub-Committee meets twice a year to review requests for donations from the two funds. In addition, the Sub-Committee will review time sensitive requests. Sub-Committee recommendations are reviewed by the Social Action Committee and then sent to Congregation Beth Israel’s Board of Trustees for final approval. Our donations to community organizations average $1,000. You may request funding from Congregation Beth Israel’s Social Action Committee online.

For further details about Beth Israel, Social Action and the seven principals, based on Jewish texts, which guide the synagogue’s social actions, please visit our website.