An Update on CBI’s Mask Policy

An Update on CBI’s Mask Policy

It is greatly encouraging to see both the numbers of new COVID cases and hospitalizations rapidly declining in our community. The Governor’s lifting of long-standing indoor mask mandates is making us hopeful that we are returning to a more “normal” status. At the same time, we recognize that for some in our community – particularly the very young and those who are immunocompromised – this “normal” activity remains frightening and dangerous.

Gathering community and celebrating together is what we do best at Congregation Beth Israel; we very much want to bring us all together again. And we recognize that inclusion is an important value. We want everyone to feel welcome in our sanctuary and other spaces.

Following state guidelines and medical advice, beginning Monday, March 14,  we are no longer requiring masks indoors for our services and events. However, for the immediate future, we are encouraging mask wearing in the sanctuary and other indoor spaces for the safety and benefit of others.

Specific guidelines for religious school will be forthcoming.


When You Are on the CBI Campus
·        Masks will no longer be required for visitors to the CBI campus and offices
·        Masks will not be required for CBI staff (who are all fully vaccinated) when they are working in the office or on campus
·        CBI staff will continue to be masked while working indoors for CBI events, such as greeting during services, or supporting community events
·        CBI is committed to supporting any staff member, congregant, or visitor who would like to wear a mask at any event and/or meeting. Additionally, if a CBI staff member is meeting with a congregant and/or community member (for work purposes) and that individual requests that masks be worn for the meeting, CBI staff will honor that request