Religious School Schedule

Religious School Schedule

Week of Sunday, May 5

Weekly Schedule

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Sunday Schedule, May 5

Lower Elementary
PreK Through Third Grade

Mishpacha Minyan Service
9:30-10:20 AM
Main Sanctuary 

Classes in Session
10:30-12:10 PM 

Student Pick Up
12:15 PM 
Students should be picked up from their classrooms.

2nd and 3rd Graders will be picked up from Blumauer Auditorium for their Purim Pizza Party

Fourth Grade

Classes in Session
9:30-11:40 AM

Learning Service in Pollin Chapel 
11:45 – 12:10 PM 

Student Pick Up
12:15 PM 
Pollin Chapel

Fifth Grade

Meet at Main Sanctuary Steps
9:30-9:45 AM

Holocaust Memorial Hike 
9:45 –  12:10 PM 

Student Pick Up
12:15 PM 
Parents and 5th graders will be back on campus in time for pick up.

If a parent is unable to attend the program, fifth graders will be picked up on the steps of the Main Sanctuary. 


Middle School
Sixth and Seventh Grade

Classes in Session
9:30-10:20 AM
6th Grade in Hebrew Small Groups (Lipman Foyer) 

7th Grade in Core Classes (Goodman Hall)

Middle School Midrasha Minyan and Snack 
10:30-11:00 AM
Pollin Chapel 

Classes in Session
11:10- 12:10 PM
6th Grade in Core (Goodman Hall) 

7th Grade in Hebrew Small Groups (Main Sanctuary) 

Student Pick Up
12:15 PM 
6th Grade Pick Up (Front of Goodman Hall)

7th Grade Pick Up (Main Sanctuary)

High School 
Eighth through Twelfth Grade

High School Lunch
12:15 – 1:00PM 
Lipman Foyer

10th Grade Confirmation Ceremony
1:00- 1:40 PM 
Pollin Chapel

Oneg and Youth Event
1:45-2:30 PM 
Lipman Foyer / Goodman Hall

Student Dismissal
2:30 PM 

Student Drop Off / Pick Up

Pre-K through Third Graders will participate in an all school Mishpacha Minayn in CBI’s Main Sanctuary from 9:30-10:20 AM. Prek – 1st Grade will be picked up at their class locations. 2nd and 3rd Grade will be picked up from Blumauer Auditorium. 

4th graders will be dropped off at their classrooms at 9:30 AM. They will be picked up at 12:15 PM from Pollin Chapel. 

5th Graders and their parents will meet Cantor Cahana and congregant Jill Slansky on the steps of the Main Sanctuary at 9:30 AM before their walk to the Holocaust Memorial in Washington Park. 

Middle School will attend Mishpacha Minayn in the Main Sanctuary at 9:30 AM. Please try to walk your student up to drop off if possible. 6th Graders will be picked up from the Front of Goodman Hall. 7th Graders will be picked up from the Main Sanctuary.

High School Students with driver’s licenses are encouraged to utilize the underground garage to park their cars. Students without cars, should be walked to Lipman Foyer for lunch. Students should be picked up from Lipman Foyer or can drive themselves home after classes have ended. 

Classrooms and Faculty

Classrooms and teachers are listed by grade level below. You can also click here for a comprehensive listing of 2024 class locations. 


Faculty: Anna Gantman and Ruby Zapf-Geller

Room: Miller Room


Faculty: Joanna Mann and Ellie Linsley

Room: Maple Room (The Jennie)

1st Grade

Faculty: Jennifer Rubinstein

Room: Library

2nd Grade

Faculty: Nathan Schloss

Room: Multipurpose Room

3rd Grade 

Faculty: Shaina Zins

Room: Room 17

Faculty: Elliot Schloss

Room: Room 16

4th Grade 

Faculty: Josh Victor

Room: 19

Faculty: Alex Sarasohn

Room: 18

5th Grade

Faculty: Sam Hedine 

Room 14

Faculty: Elliott Negrin

Room: 15

6th /7th Grade Core Classes

Faculty: Jake Fintzy, Kaitlin Baumgarten

Room: Front of Goodman Hall

B’nei and Beyond: Post B’nei Mitzvah Classes for Seventh Grade

Faculty: Rabbi Sara Rensin 

Room: 20

6th / 7th Grade B’nei Mitzvah Preparation

B’nei Mitzvah Educators: Cantor Ida Rae Cahana and Cantor Rayna D. Green

Faculty: Cantor Miriam Eskenasy, Avrel Nudelman, Aaron Peterson, and Daphna Peterson

Room: Lipman Foyer and CBI’s Main Sanctuary 

8th /9th Grade 

Faculty: Shaina Zins and Elliott Negrin

Room: Front of Goodman Hall

10th Grade 

Faculty: Rabbi Rachel Joseph

Room: Semler Board Room

11th Grade 

Faculty: Ben Sandler 

Room: Pollin Chapel

12th Grade

Faculty: Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana

Room: Rabbi’s Office

Third – Fifth Grade

Shaina Zins

Elliott Negrin 

Simona Lahav

Ava Sandler

Alex Sarasohn

B’nei Mitzvah Preparation

Leona Mitchell

Aaron Peterson